When Your Company Is In a Scandal

How Do You Survive And Even Prosper?

July 1st, 2008 • Posted by David

It seems as if every day we are reading about a new scandal occurring at some prominent company. And the types of scandal are widespread. Accounting fraud, embezzlement, executive malfeasance, price-fixing — you name it.

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Email is Great, Unless You Are Stupid

The Danger of Treating Email Too Casually

June 25th, 2008 • Posted by David

It has been both fascinating and numbing to witness the recent arrests of over 200 executives associated with the “sub-prime” mortgage scandals. What is more amazing is that the federal government is accusing some of the hedge fund managers of failing to publicly disclose in a timely manner that they were very concerned about their mortgage investments. Apparently in internal emails they were not so reticent.

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Unpredictable Times

Everyone is Vulnerable, and Everyone is Expendable

June 9th, 2008 • Posted by David

So, every day there is new economic news. Jobs are expected to stay steady — but alas — unemployment shot up to 5.5 percent and the market dropped 395 points! Pundits are talking about $150 a barrel for oil and the euro is at an all time high while the dollar continues to falter. Some people say we are coming out of the worst times and others say we are headed into the teeth of a recession.

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It Could Happen to You!

Lessons from Bear Stearns

May 30th, 2008 • Posted by David

A year ago if you were a Bear Stearns executive, manager or worker bee, you were at a great company, riding high. Record earnings. As good if not better than a the other great investment banking firms. And whether you were making millions of dollars or just making a living, you always had the exalted brand BEAR STEARNS for your resume…

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